Neuro Leaders are a group of like-minded people sharing the passion of becoming their best self while building their life dreams. Their extra edge is in their unique understanding of the power of their brain and mind to bring upon their success. Through the lens of neuroscience, they gain access to cutting edge tools and practices. Neuro Leaders are guided to walk the path to success more rapidly, with less effort while experiencing more pleasure and satisfaction.  

Neuro Leaders are a ''we'' based community. They help each other by sharing experiences, breakthroughs and ideas. They come together to learn from each other. And they care enough to lift and inspire their teammates to better reach their goals.  

Neuro Leaders lead with the heart. Their profound understanding of the heart brain unity and its relationship to vision, intelligence, intuition, team mobilization, stress reduction and project accomplishments are but a few of the reasons why Neuro Leaders lead with humanity and integrity. These qualities have been identified by neuroscience to help them succeed in all aspects of their lives and become their most precious tools in gaining access to their intuition and creative leaps of innovation.

Our promiss to you

Neuroleaders inc. is committed to bringing cutting edge neuroscience to better the field of leadership. We have brought together decades of research in clinical neuroscience, neuroperformance, brain health and wellness. Our goal is to help you use this knowledge to reach your goals faster, with less effort, as you're having the time of your life. 

We will help you think faster, learn better, have more focus, more energy, feel calmer, sleep easier, plan with more clarity, be inspired, intuitive, innovative and charismatic. And these are only a few of the leadership qualities you will develop as you increase your control of your brain-mind.

To start your journey, we have prepared a Neuro Leaders starting line toolkit. It will give you the knowledge and tools to help you reach Peak One.

Welcome aboard! We are so happy to have you with us. Let's have the time of our lives!

Francine Therrien, Ph.D., Co-founder and CEO, Neuroleaders inc.


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