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How to make the right decisions, feel more effective, calm, happy, inspired, intelligent, tender and motivated? How can we have restful sleep, a well regulated appetite and good health? Our brain is designed to be our best ally. To get to know it better, one learns to give it what it needs to be at ease. The more we advance in this process, the more we are able to achieve a full and satisfying life. 


The Institute's mission is to guide health professionals and the public in the choice of actions one can take to improve the brain’s health and efficacy. 


BHKI equips players of all levels - governments, health professionals, administrators, educators, parents and individuals - by offering innovative programs that help empower individuals and professionals to take charge in the broad field of brain health. 

Reliability and recognition  

The information presented is documented to meet the most rigorous professional requirements. The courses are recognized for continuing education credits with several professional orders. 

Directorate of Training

F. Therrien PHD
Francine Therrien, Ph.D., Kin., Phys. Ed., N.D., EEG-BCIA is a kinesiologist, physical educator and holds a Masters degree focusing on the systemic approach to health and organizational absenteism prevention. She studied for ten years at the graduate program of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the University of Sherbrooke, where she focused on identifying brain health mechanisms important for neurogenesis, neuroplasticity and mental health. Her PhD project treated major depression successfully with a specific aerobic training program.
Her additional training includes a naturopathic degree (N.D.), training in biofeedback, heart rate variability and neurocoaching, a certification in Reconnective Healing (level 3) and in neurofeedback (BCIA-EEG). She has studied closely with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (1999-2005), the Amen Clinics (2004-2008) and the Institute for Functional Medicine (2010-2012).
From 1990 to 2010, she was a lecturer at the University of Sherbrooke, mainly in ergonomics and organizational health promotion and absenteeism prevention.
In 2008 she launched the conference "A Healthy Brain at Work!" presented to a few thousand administrators and workers. Her first book was published in 2012: "reBuild your Brain ... take control of your brain efficacy and mental health." (published in French).
As an entrepreneur, she founded Optimum SST in 1994 (ergonomics and organizational health promotion and absenteeism prevention), Mento in 2006 (brain health optimization, prevention and collaboration in the treatment of mental health disorders in organizational and clinical environments), Neuroperforma Inc. in 2012 (Integrative Mental Health and Neurofeedback Clinic) and Neuroforce Health and Wellness Inc. in 2015 (automated brain training station with online brain healthy lifestyle virtual coaching).
In her spare time, she devotes herself to her passions for the couple, dance and training. '' Vibrate with energy and happiness and create a better life '', these are the ingredients she loves to cultivate, understand and teach, through the discovery of the marvelous '' living machine and its animating spirit '' that is us humans.
PhD Thesis: Therrien, F. (2010). Treatment of major depression by an aerobic training program: effect of intensity of practice. Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. University of Sherbrooke. (published in French: Traitement de la dépression majeure par un programme d’entraînement aérobie : effet de l’intensité de pratique.)
Therrien, F. (2012). reBuild your Brain ... take control of your brain efficacy and mental health. Mento Communications inc. St-Bruno, Quebec. (published in French: reConstruisez votre cerveau… pour être aux commandes de votre efficacité mentale et de votre pleine santé psychologique.) Mento Communications inc. St-Bruno, Québec.