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Develop four brain abilities to feel better, naturally. Consists of a 30 days guided program including 30 online training videos and a downloadable personal diary style notebook with seven daily exercises explained.

By participating in the ANTI DEPRESSION PLUS program, you will be guided step by step for thirty days. Every day you will use a downloadable exercise book to complete seven guided activities. Daily educational videos will help you better understand the importance of your daily actions to reshape your brain to an improved, happier, more serene and functional version of yourself.

In THE ANTI DEPRESSION program, we do not see you as having an illness to treat. Instead, we help you train 4 brain abilities that can naturally reduce your depressive symptoms.

The first ability you will develop is your brain circuit for motivation & passion. Placing yourself in a happy and excited state keeps your brain energy in this circuit. This prevents it from being diverted to others that produce sadness, anxiety or worry.

The 2nd ability you will train will be the executive functions. They allow to keep your calm and your focus. Too often, when we feel bad, we are destabilized by thoughts and emotions that are often negative.

The third capacity developed is the improvement of serotonin production. It is a neurotransmitter that controls, among other things, mood, stress levels, the need to eat, sleep and libido. The amount of serotonin produced is negatively affected by stress, sedentary lifestyle, lack of sleep or nutrients.

The 4th force developed is your neuroplasticity. It's the power of the brain to transform itself to do even better what you ask it to do. In depression, neuroplasticity is slowed, both in the number of new connections that develop between neurons and new neurons that are born each day. The consequence is that we have more difficulty memorizing and learning. And over time, the brain loses its volume, as if it were aging rapidly.

Like any good training program, THE ANTI DEPRESSION develops the capacities of your brain step by step, by making you do targeted exercises. To feel better, just do the activities offered each day. By participating in the program, you will feel a little better, day by day.

Description: 30 days * of participation in the online program, including unlimited access to the bank of thirty online educational videos and a downloadable daily exercise book, including charts of your well-being progress.

*   Additional months available with additional charges ($ 10 / month)

Availability: The program can be purchased at any time, but accessibility to English online content will be unlocked at the launch of English version of the program on Monday, July 8th 2019.

Price: $ 125 for 30 days of  access to videos and downloadable book (taxes not included). Additional months available at a cost of $ 10.